2013 DEA Voter Guide

See the candidate responses to the Detroit Environmental Agenda questionnaire:

Please click on the candidate’s image for his or her response to the questionnaire. The Spanish version for each response is also linked below. 

2013 Election Results

Mayor-elect: Mike Duggan

Council At-Large: Brenda Jones, Saunteel Jenkins
Council District 1: James Tate
Council District 2: George Cushingberry, Jr.
Council District 3: Scott Benson
Council District 4: Andre Spivey
Council District 5: Mary Sheffield
Council District 6: Raquel Castaneda-Lopez
Council District 7: Gabe Leland

Mayoral Responses At-Large Responses District 1 Responses District 2 Responses District 3 Responses
mikedugganEspañol davidbullockEspañol wandahillEspañol
bennynapEspañol brendajonesEspañol James Tate
(no response)
roymccalister Español
Saunteel Jenkins
(no response)
District 4 Responses District 5 Responses District 6 Responses District 7 Responses  
andrespiveyEspañol adamhollierEspañol
raquelcastaEspañol gabelelandEspañol
Bettie Cook Scott
(no response)
isaacrobEspañol johnbennettEspañol


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Detroit Environmental Agenda Report
Detroit Environmental Agenda General Election Voter Guide
Agenda Ambiental de Detroit - Guía Para el Votante (Entero)
Agenda Ambiental de Detroit - Guía Para el Votante (Distrito 6)


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We sent every candidate for council and mayor a copy of the Detroit Environmental Agenda report and a short questionnaire with the following questions:

1. Do you endorse the Detroit Environmental Agenda?

2. Detroit suffers from very high rates of asthma, cancer, and lead poisoning, all influenced by our heavily polluted environment. These problems impact children’s ability to learn and adults’ ability to work. What would you, as an elected official, do to improve Detroit’s environment?

3. How would you, as an elected official, be an advocate for resident efforts to improve neighborhood quality of life?

4. In the interests of environmental justice, how would you work to alleviate disproportionate environmental burdens in the city?

5. The City needs to be an advocate for higher environmental standards. If you are elected, how do you envision using the Detroit Environmental Agenda as a tool to create policies that improve the city’s environment?

For mayoral candidates, we asked if they would consider establishing an Office of Sustainability with the power to move Detroit Environmental Agenda recommendations forward.

The voter guide is meant to be informational. The Detroit Environmental Agenda does not endorse any candidate for any office.  All of the candidate responses are printed in this guide as submitted, with corrections only for spelling and capitalization.


Detroit Environmental Agenda Steering Committee